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Translation: Sexy Boyz in Popolo 2014.3

This is the short crosstalk from this month's Popolo between the current Sexy Boyz, Jinguji Yuta x Iwahashi Genki x Kishi Yuta x Miyachika Kaito. They discuss who is the cutest and who is the sexiest among the four of them, and lots of teasing ensues~

Who is No.1 Cutie?
The one with the cutest face by far is Iwahashi, but...
Kishi: Out of the four of us, Miyachika is probably the No. 1 Cute!
Jinguji+Iwahashi: What!
Miyachika: What's with that reaction. I'm cute!
Iwahashi: I get a different feeling.
Miyachika: What's different~?
Iwahashi: I definitely can't imagine it being Miyachika!
Kishi: You said it outright (laugh).
Jinguji: But Miyachika is surprisingly delicate, isn't he?
Kishi: Right, when he's feeling down, you realize it right away.
Jinguji: There are periods of time when Miyachika becomes delicate, huh (laugh).
Kishi: At times like the end of a show, he gets overwhelmed reflecting on minor details. So that's why I supported Miyachika [for No. 1 Cute]. His delicate and pure parts are cute.
Iwahashi: Well, that's true, but...
Miyachika: You seem really unsatisfied (laugh).
Jinguji: He's probably thinking the cutest one is himself.
Iwahashi: That's.... what I was thinking (laugh).
Jinguji: The cutest face is by far Genki.
Iwahashi: What? Maybe...!
Kishi: Even though he made him say it (laugh).
Iwahashi: Well, out of us I'm the most baby-faced, right?
Kishi: Okaaay, I get it (laugh). It's fine if it's you.
Miyachika:: Yeah. I'll concede No. 1 Cute to Genki.
Jinguji: Because his face is no problem, but inside he's a little devil~ (laugh)
Iwahashi: Hey, it's not like thaaat! (angry)
All: Yes it is!

Who is No.1 Sexy?
Jinguji is mistaking what sexy is.
Miyachika: Isn't the sexiest member Kishi-kun?
Iwahashi: I think so too!
Kishi: I didn't think it would come to me.
Miyachika: His hands are big and his legs are long.
Jinguji: Oh, that (laugh).
Kishi: I thought Genki was sexy, though.
Iwahashi: Why?! You're definitely making fun of me (laugh).
Kishi: No way! He seems modest when you look at him, but his dancing is surprisingly intense...
Miyachika: Basically, you mean he's moody?
Jinguji: Yeah, maybe Genki is moodily sexy.
Iwahashi: ....certainly.
Miyachika: Isn't it bad to agree to that? (laugh)
Jinguji: Well, everyone, aren't you forgetting about me?
Miyachika: Jin says sexy too much on his own, I'm already tired of it (laugh).
Kishi: Maybe you think you're using your hips sexily, but seeing it from nearby it looks like a street performer.
Jinguji: Hey! (laugh)
Miyachika: He can't speak well, so he expresses himself with his body.
Iwahashi: Because he's a monkey?
Jinguji: Hey! Even Iwahashi? Stick up for me!
Iwahashi: Y-you're sexy.
Kishi+Miyachika: Don't say things that are all talk!
Iwahashi: In hotel rooms, Jinguji's always playing around and being noisy naked.
Jinguji: I'm always NAKED!
Kishi: You're mistaking what sexy is! (laugh)

Current status report: Jinguji Yuta
In the JaniWa dressing room, it's popular to take funny videos right now. During DoriBo I took a video of someone having fun roller skating, but I want to surpass that and make a masterpiece!

Current status report: Iwahashi Genki
I tried changing to a new shampoo. It's organic, and as expected it's a little different! My hair started to have kind of a silky feeling. The natural scent is good too ☆

Current status report: Kishi Yuta
I make up song parodies in the JaniWa dressing room with Jesse. With the prompt, "Make your feelings right now into a song," we invent weird songs like "I'm gonna do it! ♪" (laugh)

Current status report: Miyachika Kaito
I'm in the same dressing room as Jesse-kun and Kishi-kun for JaniWa, and Jesse-kun has some pretty childish aspects. We fight over dividing up bentos and juice and stuff (laugh).